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In the Memorandum of Vinayanand Charitable Home, we have many objectives for social upliftment.

Some of the objectives fulfilled are as follows:

  1.  We have a small Library having variety of spiritual scriptures.
  2.  We publish many spiritual books. (Refer the list in our Parichaya section)
           for funds Sadhaks voluntarily donate the money and only the interest on Bank deposits 
           is used for publication.
  1. Regularly on every Sunday, we gather for Satsang in our Satsang Hall. 
     The time on Every Sunday is: 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon.
  1. Every Sunday the Recorded Audio Pravachanas are uploaded on our website:
          The Gurubandhus  residing in remote areas can download and listen the same.
    5.   We prioritise  Adhyatma (Spirituality), Aarogya (Health) and Arth (Finance),
          and we provide consultancy service for the same on our another site:
    6.   We are succeeded in serving international brands herbal supplimentary food provided
          by the world famous company HERBALIFE useful on weight loss/gain, cardiac diseases,
          multivitamins, metabolic disorders etc .
    7.   We are in touch with other spiritual organisations like BrahmaKumaris, Ramkrishna Mission,
          Chinmay Mission, ArshaVidyashram, Swadhyay Pariwar and extending our sincere cooperation
          for spiritual upliftment of the people.
    8.   We would like to have your precious suggestions. Do write us to